VAT refund from your property purchase

Reimburse 20% of the purchase price of your real estate in Bulgaria without paying anything in advance. Remuneration is due only from the effectively refunded VAT.

If you are the owner of a real estate in Bulgaria, which you have acquired in the last 20 years, you are probably entitled to receive 20% VAT paid at the time of its purchase. Send us your title deed and we will answer you quickly if you meet the requirements.

Every owner of real estate in Bulgaria, regardless of whether he is a natural or legal person, Bulgarian citizen or foreigner, is entitled to a VAT tax credit charged to the price of the property by the seller at the time of purchase. The recovery process is in three steps:
1. You sign a power of attorney authorizing us to act on your behalf and provide us with the necessary documents for the purchase of your real estate.
2. We prepare all the documentation and represent you in all formal proceedings before the Bulgarian administration and/or court, performing all necessary actions.
3. In the end, you simply receive up to 20% VAT on the price of your real estate in a bank account specified by you.

In order to be entitled to a tax credit for your real estate, you must meet several conditions, which are mandatory prerequisites provided for in the VAT Act, namely:
1. To be the owner of a real estate on the territory of Bulgaria.
2. To have bank documents for the payment of the sale price when buying your real estate.
3. Have invoices issued by the seller for the amounts paid by you.

To receive our preliminary statement absolutely free of charge, within 48 hours, just send us a copy of your deed. If you meet the conditions, we will send you detailed information about the steps that need to be taken, the related deadlines, as well as additional documents that you need to provide us.

We operate on a “no-win, no-fee” basis. We will not charge you if we are not successful in getting your VAT back. We get paid only if we are successful in refunding the VAT charged for your property.